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Chicago's North Shore offers a blend of natural beauty and equestrian opportunities that captivate my heart. I'm excited to explore all things equine in the Mid-West. 

In addition to my equestrian pursuits, I am an dog mom to an Australian shepherd, Luna. We are also a military family, with my husband serving in the U.S. Navy. His new orders are what led us to the North Shore, and we're excited to embrace this new chapter of our journey.

Greetings from the beautiful North Shore of Chicago, Illinois! Yes thats right I have moved from North Florida, but don't worry I am still Florida based in the winter. I'm thrilled to welcome you to Unbridled Media Eq.

My love affair with horses has been a lifelong journey. These magnificent creatures have been my steadfast companions through the seasons of life. I'm the proud owner of a 5-year-old Oldenburg named Enzo, who is learning the ropes in the hunter ring and getting ready for his ammy owner. As an adult amateur rider, I understand the unique joys and challenges of the equestrian world, and I'm passionate about sharing these experiences with fellow riders.


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An Adult Ammy

The early mornings at the barn, the soothing rhythm of grooming, the satisfaction of a well-executed ride – these moments are priceless. I am an adult ammy and horse mom to Enzo! A 5 year old Oldenburg hunter. When I am not at the horse show behind the lens you can find me at the barn or ringside with Enzo. If you see us please say hi! 


A Travel Lover

Travel is my compass, and wanderlust my guiding star. Exploring new horizons, embracing diverse cultures, and savoring the thrill of the unknown are the heartbeat of my existence. The world is my playground, and every journey is a chapter in my story. What makes my wanderlust even more fulfilling is that my job as an equine photographer allows me to seamlessly merge my passion for travel with my love for horses.


A Military Spouse

As a Navy spouse and a Navy brat, I've had the privilege of witnessing the strength, resilience, and sacrifices that come with a life deeply intertwined with the armed forces. Growing up as a Navy brat, I learned the true meaning of adaptability. Frequent moves, saying goodbye to friends, and embracing new environments became second nature. Now, as a military spouse, it's a life marked by separations, homecomings, and the deep bond that forms within the military community.


A Dog Mom

Being a dog mom to Luna, my spirited Aussie, is an adventure filled with boundless joy. Luna's enthusiasm for dog parks and hikes is infectious. Watching her bound through the open fields and splash in the streams is a constant reminder of the simple pleasures in life. She's a loyal and adventurous companion, always up for new trails and new four-legged friends. Luna, with her boundless energy and boundless love, has added an irreplaceable dimension to my life.

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